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GodsTenLaws.com began in the  year 2000 after realizing the need for a site on the internet that offered thorough information about the Ten Commandments. In 2005 we launched a new GodsTenLaws.com with a more user friendly design and new materials. The web site was redesigned again in 2013.

GodsTenLawsThe logo illustrates the purpose of GodsTenLaws.com. The stone tablets containing the ten commandments are an inseparable part of the cross. The tablets reveal God’s holiness and expose mankind’s sinfulness. The cross represents Jesus’ life that was given in order to bring reconciliation between God and man. Without the law, there would be no need for the cross. Without the cross, the law would lead to despair and death. Both together reveal the beautiful purpose of God for His greatest treasure – People!

GodsTenLaws.com is intended to be educational, instructional, and practical. Our primary goal is to proclaim the truth of God’s love and purpose for people.

GodsTenLaws.com is a ministry to any seeking more information about the Ten Commandments. It’s our prayer that visitors to this site will know and appreciate in a deeper way the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and His love for them. Many struggle with the Biblical view of the Old Testament law in today’s era of grace. Hopefully this web site will help bring some clarity to God’s purpose for the Ten Commandments and their place in our lives.

We are not an officially recognized non-profit organization.

The content on this site is a work in progress. If you desire to comment, give suggestions, or contribute to this site in any way please visit the feedback page or join our forum.

We pray this site is a blessing to you! Thanks for visiting!

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